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From our first meeting, our priority is always the clients voice and autonomy. We will ensure to create a support team and plan that aligns to you as an individual.

Let's Collectively Work Together To Cultivate A Holistic Support Program Catered to Your Individual Needs

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Capacity Building and Theraputic Support

Our OT and Therapeutic team can work with your whole care team to support and improve your functional capacity.

These supports may include:

  • Seeking supported employment 

  • Travelling on public transport or in a taxi

  • Independent living skills

  • Handling money

  • Social skills

  • Fine and gross motor skills

  • Sensory integration

  • Emotional regulation

  • Safety

  • Health and Wellbeing

  • Memory

  • Functional Capacity

  • Home Modifications

  • Assistive technology

  • Support Accessing Individualised living options

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Core Supports

Core supports are provided to enable and engage in social or recreational activities.

Our core supports include:

  • Support with Daily personal activities

  • Support with household tasks

  • Short Term accommodation and respite

  • Support to access the community


Respite / Short Term Accomodation

Here at OO we offer a respite accommodation here in Stratford, but we know respite can look however a client would like it to look.

Your short term accomodation / respite funding can also be used for independent living trials based at our respite facility.​

​Our Client driven respite, provides opportunities to:

  • self plan and organise.

  • Build confidence and social skills

  • Improve health and wellbeing

  • Building relationships

  • Attending community events such as concerts, sporting events, day trips, visiting local attractions, movies, theatre and more!

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NDIS Services

Rachael and Brooke have extensive knowledge and experience with the NDIS, please contact us for clarification around your plan. 


The NDIS provides funding to eligible people with disability to gain more time with family and friends, greater independence, access to new skills, jobs, or volunteering in their community, and an improved quality of life. 

The NDIS also connects anyone with disability to services in their community.

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